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Burkina Faso pronounced /bərˌkiːnə ˈfɑːsoʊ/ Bər-KEE-Nə FAH-Soh French byʁkina Faso – Also Known By Its Short-Form Name Burkina – Is A Landlocked Country In West Africa. It Is Surrounded By Six Countries Mali To The North Niger To The East Benin To The Southeast Togo And Ghana To The South And Côte D'Ivoire To The Southwest. Its Size Is 274 000 Square Kilometres 106 000 Sq Mi With An Estimated Population Of More Than 15 757 000. Formerly Called The Republic Of Upper Volta It Was Renamed On August 4 1984 By President Thomas Sankara To Mean "the Land Of Upright People" In Mòoré And Dioula The Major Native Languages Of The Country. Figuratively "Burkina" May Be Translated "men Of Integrity " From The Mòoré Language And "Faso" Means "father's House" In Dioula. The Inhabitants Of Burkina Faso Are Known As Burkinabè pronounced /bərˈkiːnəbeɪ/ Bər-KEE-Nə-Bay . Burkina Faso Was Populated Early Between 14 000 And 5000 BC By Hunter-Gatherers In The Northwestern Part Of The Country. Settlements With Farmers Appeared Between 3600 And 2600 BC. The Central Part Of Burkina Faso Included A Number Of Mossi Kingdoms Which Became A French Protectorate In 1896. After Gaining Independence From France In August 5 1960 The Country Underwent Many Governmental Changes Until Arriving At Its Current Form A Semi-Presidential Republic. The President Is Blaise Compaoré. Burkina Faso's Capital Is Ouagadougou. It Is A Member Of The African Union Community Of Sahel-Saharan States La Francophonie Organization Of The Islamic Conference And Economic Community Of West African States. Read More On Last.Fm. User-Contributed Text Is Available Under The Creative Commons By-SA License Additional Terms May Apply. Burkina-Faso Chaque artiste, chaque groupe et chaque chanson que vous pouvez imaginer, du plus récent au plus ancien, sont facilement accessibles via Frogtoon Music. Préparez-vous à vous faire plaisir et laissez la musique enrichir votre âme, enflammer votre passion, éveiller vos émotions et ramener de beaux souvenirs. Voici un répertoire des meilleurs artistes et groupes de Burkina Faso:

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