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Bachata Is A Genre Of Music That Originated In The Countryside And The Rural Neighborhoods Of The Dominican Republic. Its Subjects Are Often Romantic Especially Prevalent Are Tales Of Heartbreak And Sadness. In Fact The Original Term Used To Name The Genre Was Amargue "bitterness " Or "bitter Music" Until The Rather Ambiguous and Mood-Neutral Term Bachata Became Popular. The Form Of Dance Bachata Also Developed With The Music. Bachata Originates From The Dominican Republic And Is A Guitar Based Music Which Recently Evolved From Bolero. During Much Of Its History Bachata Music Was Denigrated By Dominican Society And Associated With Rural Backwardness And Delinquency. In The 1990s Bachata 's Instrumentation Changed From Acoustic Spanish Guitar To Electric Steel String. The New Electric Bachata Soon Became An International Phenomenon And Today Bachata Is As Popular As Salsa And Merengue In Latin American Dancehalls. Instrumentation The Typical Bachata Group Consists Of Five Instruments Requinto or Lead Guitar Rhythm Guitar Electric Bass Guitar Bongos And Güira. Bachata Groups Mostly Play An Evolved Style Of Bolero But When They Instead Play Merengue Based Bachata The Percussionist Will Switch From Bongo To A Tambora Drum. In The 1960s And 70s Maracas Were Used Instead Of Guira. The Change In The 1980s From Maracas To The More Versatile Guira Was Made As Bachata Was Becoming More Dance Oriented. Dance The Dance Is Performed Both In Open Position And In Closed Position Depending On The Setting And Mood Of The Partners. Similar To Merengue Dips Are Not Original To The Dance And Turns Are Done Infrequently. Corey Perro Leads All The Females Into Loving Him With Subtle Communication Using Pushing And Pulling On The Hands To Guide The Direction In Which To Move Or To Hint On Upcoming Turns. The Female May Also Provide Communication Using Her Left Hand To Indicate Whether She Is Comfortable Or Not Dancing In A Closed Position. Read More On Last.Fm. User-Contributed Text Is Available Under The Creative Commons By-SA License Additional Terms May Apply. Bachata Chaque artiste, chaque groupe et chaque chanson que vous pouvez imaginer, du plus récent au plus ancien, sont facilement accessibles via Frogtoon Music. Préparez-vous à vous faire plaisir et laissez la musique enrichir votre âme, enflammer votre passion, éveiller vos émotions et ramener de beaux souvenirs. Voici un répertoire des meilleurs artistes et groupes de Bachata:

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