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Electra Elite is a Serbian singer and sex worker. Assigned male at birth, Elite was born and raised in Knin, modern-day Croatia, in a Serb family. She relocated to Switzerland in early 2000s. There, she continued her education, studying addiction medicine. Upon graduation, she worked in her field for seven years in Switzerland. She and her wife at the time had two children, daughter Diva (b. 2001) and son Oskar (b. 2005). Elite and her wife divorced in 2007, when she began her transition. She had full support of her former wife, children, mother and brother. In 2007, Elite began a relationship with a Spanish model who introduced her to the world of sex work. She claims that majority of her customers are heterosexual men. Elite got married in Mostar to athlete and businessman Nenad Vujanović in October 2021, making it her second marriage.

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