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Adrian Gaxha, born on 13 February 1984) is an ethnic Albanian pop music singer from Skopje, Macedonia. He started loving music from a very young age, and therefore he started playing on viola instrument and also graduated from a Music High School. He is currently studying English Language in Skopje. He started singing in 2001 in the pop festival organised by the Albanian in Macedonia community, called Nota Fest. There, he won the first prize, the first time a newcomer won both the jury and the audience votes. Within a short time, Adrian became one of the most popular singers in Macedonia and in Albania. Until today he has recorded four albums, three in Albanian and one in Macedonian. He is also a well known dancer, and his performances usually include a lot of dance and skillful choreography.H e also participated in festival such as Videofest in Tirana as a winner twice, Makfest in Stip, and won the first prize in Ohrid fest. In 2006, he finished second at the Macedonian national final for Eurovision, singing the song Ljubov e with Esma Redžepova. At Skopje Fest 2008, the Macedonian national pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade, a trio consisting of Tamara Todevska, Rade Vrčakovski and Adrian was voted to represent Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Let Me Love You.

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