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Kyrgyzstan Officially The Kyrgyz Republic And Also Known As Kirghizia Is A Nation Located In Central Asia. Landlocked And Mountainous Kyrgyzstan Is Bordered By Kazakhstan To The North Uzbekistan To The West Tajikistan To The Southwest And China To The East. Its Capital And Largest City Is Bishkek. Kyrgyzstani Music Is Nomadic And Rural And Is Closely Related To Turkmen And Kazakh Folk Forms. Kyrgyz Folk Music Is Characterized By The Use Of Long Sustained Pitches With Russian Elements Also Prominent. Travelling Musicians And Shamans Called Manaschi Are Popular For Their Singing And Komuz-Playing. Their Music Is Typically Heroic Epics Such As The Most Famous Story The Manas Epic 20 Times Longer Than Homer's Odyssey Which Is The Patriotic Tale Of A Warrior Named Manas And His Descendants Who Fight With The Chinese. There Are Modern Reciters Of The Manas Who Are Very Popular Such As Rysbek Jumabaev And Sayaqbay Karalaev. Aside From The Komuz Kyrgyz Folk Instruments Include The Kyl Kiak qyl-Qyiyak A Two-Stringed Upright Bow Instrument cf. Fiddle Sybyzgy A Side-Blown Flute Chopo-Choor And The Temir Ooz Komuz mouth Komuz Also Known As Jaw Harp In Some Countries. The Komuz Is The National Instrument Of Kyrgyzstan. It Is A Plucked String Instrument. The Kyl Kiak However Is Also An Important Symbol Of Kyrgyz Identity. It Is A String Instrument Related To The Mongolian Morin-Huur And Is Associated With Horses And The Vital Role They Play In Kyrgyz Culture. Shamanistic Elements Of Kyrgyz Folk Culture Remain Includind The Dobulba a Frame Drum The Asa-Tayak a Wooden Device Decorated With Bells And Other Objects And The Earlier Mentioned Kyl Kiak. A Widespread Variety Of Instrumental Music Called Kui or Küü Tells Narratives That Revolve Around A Musical Journey. The Narrative Which Is Entirely Expressed Without Words Is Sometimes Punctuated With Exaggerated Gestures To Mark Important Parts Of The Story. Modern Interpreters Of Kyrgyz Traditional Music Include The Kambarkan National Folk Ensemble. Salamat Sadikova Is A Popular Traditional Kyrgyz Singer With A Strong Voice Who Is Capable Of Holding Notes For A Remarkably Long Duration. Her Repertoire Includes Contemporary Folk-Style Compositions As Well As Folk Songs. Other Notable Acts Include Tengir-Too The Djunushov Brothers And Jusup Aisaev. Darkestrah Is A Well-Known Metal Band From Bishkek Now Based In Germany. Their Music Combines Traditional Kyrgyz Folk Music With Black Metal. Read More On Last.Fm. User-Contributed Text Is Available Under The Creative Commons By-SA License Additional Terms May Apply. Kyrgyzstan Jeder Künstler, jede Band und jeder Song, den Sie sich vorstellen können, vom neusten bis zum ältesten, sind über Frogtoon Music leicht zugänglich. Machen Sie sich bereit, sich selbst zu verwöhnen und der Musik zu erlauben, Ihre Seele zu bereichern, Ihre Leidenschaft zu entfachen, Ihre Emotionen zu wecken und einige schöne Erinnerungen zurückzubringen. Das Folgende ist ein Verzeichnis der Top-Künstler und Bands von Kyrgyzstan:

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