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Celtic Music Is A Term Utilised By Artists Record Companies Music Stores And Music Magazines To Describe A Broad Grouping Of Musical Genres That Evolved Out Of The Folk Musical Traditions Of The Celtic People Of Western Europe. As Such There Is No Real Body Of Music Which Can Be Accurately Described As Celtic But The Term Has Stuck And May Refer To Both Orally-Transmitted Traditional Music And Recorded Popular Music. Celtic Music Saw A Revival In The 1980s With The Emergence Of The Irish Group Clannad Who Became Innovators In The Genre By Blending Their Heritage Of Harmony And Melody With The Design Science Of The Hi-Tech Studio. Celtic Music Means Two Things Mainly. First It Is The Music Of The Peoples Calling Themselves Celts a Non-Musical Primarily Political Definition As Opposed To Say "German Music" Or "English Music." Secondly It Refers To Whatever Qualities May Be Unique To The Musics Of The Celtic Nations a Musical Definition . Many most Notably Alan Stivell And Paddy Moloney Claim That The Different Celtic Musics Have Much In Common While Some Claim They Do Not. Often The Term Celtic Music Is Applied To The Music Of Ireland And Scotland Because Both Lands Have Produced Well-Known Distinctive Styles Which Actually Have Genuine Commonality And Clear Mutual Influences However It Is Notable That Irish And Scottish Traditional Musicians Themselves Avoid The Term "Celtic Music " Except When Forced By The Necessities Of The Market. The Definition Is Further Complicated By The Fact That Irish Independence Has Allowed Ireland To Promote 'Celtic' Music As A Specifically Irish Product. In Reality The Terms 'Scots/Scottish' And 'Irish' Are Purely Modern Geographical References To A People Who Share A Common Celtic Ancestry And Consequently A Common Musical Heritage. These Styles Are Known Because Of The Importance Of Irish And Scottish People In The English Speaking World Especially In The United States Where They Had A Profound Impact On American Music Particularly Bluegrass And Country Music. The Music Of Wales Cornwall The Isle Of Man Brittany Galicia Cantabria And Asturias Spain And Portugal Are Also Considered Celtic Music The Tradition Being Particularly Strong In Brittany Where Celtic Festivals Large And Small Take Place Throughout The Year And In Wales Where The Ancient Eisteddfod Tradition Has Been Revived And Flourishes. Additionally The Musics Of Ethnically Celtic Peoples Abroad Are Vibrant Especially In Canada And The United States. Read More On Last.Fm. User-Contributed Text Is Available Under The Creative Commons By-SA License Additional Terms May Apply. Celtic Jeder Künstler, jede Band und jeder Song, den Sie sich vorstellen können, vom neusten bis zum ältesten, sind über Frogtoon Music leicht zugänglich. Machen Sie sich bereit, sich selbst zu verwöhnen und der Musik zu erlauben, Ihre Seele zu bereichern, Ihre Leidenschaft zu entfachen, Ihre Emotionen zu wecken und einige schöne Erinnerungen zurückzubringen. Das Folgende ist ein Verzeichnis der Top-Künstler und Bands von Celtic:

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