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"Popvert, once a project... now a band." In the winter of 2002, longtime friends and sometimes co-workers Marthin Chan (Volumen Cero) and Pepvert (aka Jose Tillan) spent an afternoon playing guitar, talking about music and basically getting to know each other. They realized that their musical tastes were very similar and they both shared a knack for composition. That musical collaboration germinated POPVERT. Realizing that they had the uncanny ability of co-writing very effectively, they spent the following eighteen months writing and recording music in Pepvert's always under development home studio in Coconut Grove - "Tigertail Sound". With no commercial purpose in mind, other than to listen to the music in their cars, this 'no-pressure' approach was one of the main factors that kept the duo writing together. each enjoying the benefits of not being a band. Their search to find someone to record proper vocals ended up with Jolie Lindholm. Jolie, who had recently parted ways with The Rocking Horse Winner and residing in Boca Raton, was also looking for a way to channel creativity without the burden of being tied down to 'a band.' In 2003 and 2004, the three non-members of this non-group traded files, CD-Rs and wrote and recorded a plethora of songs. The recordings were finished with the inclusion of fellow music fan and drum wiz Brendan Buckley, who at the time was recording with some very high profiled artists and took on the challenge to record drums at his home studio. The decision to release an EP was a conscious one. POPVERT wanted to share their music with the outside world, yet they did not want to bore a potential new audience with a long and tired format. The excitement of making a 'great record' as opposed to 'an OK record with some great songs' was enough for Drive Thru Happiness to become POPVERT's debut EP. POPVERT is a vehicle used for creative purposes. for having fun. for expanding musical horizons and for having the flexibility of not having a definition that restricts people, ideas and creativity. What it is or what it should be does not matter. as long as they are happy doing what they do. POPVERT features: Pepvert – bass, keyboards, guitars, programming and production; Marthin Chan – guitars and keyboard; Jolie Lindholm -vocals; Brendan Buckley - drums, guiro & vibes Popvert's EP drive thru happiness was released independently in the US by Eleven:11, and in Mexico by Noiselab in the fall of 2005. Popvert has recorded a cover version of New Order's Subculture. New Order asked for submissions from their fans of their songs. Popvert's version of Subculture was selected to be included on a compliation - Community 2: A NewOrderOnline Tribute. This spring Popvert placed three songs in the film Elipsis. Elipsis is a feature film directed by Eduardo Arias Nath & distributed by 20th Century Fox. The film will feature two songs from the band's forthcoming album Infidelity Park (Grey, Give Me The Strength), and one previously unreleased tracks (This Is It). Infidelity Park, the second release by this Miami/West Palm Beach/Los Angeles combo features the same original lineup with additional guest appearances by Rene Alvarez, Rafael Tarrago and Albert Menendez. This full CD is full of joy... so go buy it!

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