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David Potts began his musical career working as an assistant engineer at Suite 16, the Rochdale studio owned by Peter Hook of New Order fame. He was invited to join Revenge, Hook's side project in 1990 as live second bassist and then guitarist. Touring extensively, his only contribution to tape was the 1992 e.p. Gun World Porn. However, in 2004 an anthology of Revenge recordings & demos was released entitled One True Passion V2.0 / Be Careful What You Wish For which featured Potts throughout. He re-emerged with Hook under the alias Monaco in 1997 to critical and commercial success. He contributed vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums & programming to the pop duo. Monaco ended officially 3 years later after a difficult 2nd album. Since then Potts formed a new band Ram and eventually went solo in 2006. He released his first solo album Coming Up For Air in January 2007.

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