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almanso is a pop rock band formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1996 by Juan Bazán -keyboards, piano and vocals- and Alejo Parella -guitars, keyboards and vocals-. Both eclectically influenced from New Order to The Cure, from Pat Metheny to Tom Jobim, to name a few. The band had different stages where other musicians joined for recording, live performances or composition on guitars (Pablo de Speluzzi, Sebastián Gómez, Santiago Díaz), bass (Sebastián Bianchini, Sebastián Gómez) and drums (Claudio Maxit, Francisco Sánchez) all of them very important to make the band what it is nowadays. Right now almanso has evolved to electronica without losing the original spirit and influences. The only member now is Alejo Parella who is in charge of all the instruments, composition and lyrics helped by sequencers and computers for the rhythm section. Alejo is also working with the greek singer Sophia Doskori on the band Glasnost. Listen here:

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