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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Zandelle

Zandelle is a power metal band from New York formed in 1996. Zandelle successfully bridges the gap between epic US Metal and European Melodic Metal. Fans of Blind Guardian, Jag Panzer, Warlord, Iron Maiden or Hammerfall may experience exactly those special moments they have been missing in the last releases of their faves. A must for every fan of sophisticated Metal! In 2009 they signed a deal with Pure Steel Records of Germany to release thier 4th studio album "Flames of Rage" on 5th June.

Artist Tags For Zandelle

1) Power Metal 2) Heavy Metal 3) Speed Metal 4) American 5) Power Speed Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Zandelle

1) Killing Gaze 2) Flames of Rage 3) Dragon's Hoard 4) Broken Trust 5) Dark Nemesis 6) Thermopylae 7) Inner Strength 8) Face of War 9) Defiance 10) Warlords of Steel 11) Eradicated Existence 12) Blood Red Shores 13) Queen Anne's Revenge 14) Lord of Thunder 15) The Champion 16) Cry for Vengeance 17) Immortal Realms 18) Invitation 19) The Final hour 20) A Hero's Quest 21) Eternal Love 22) Prophecy 23) Delusions 24) The Cycle 25) Sunrise 26) Necromancer 27) Twilight on Humanity 28) Vengeance Rising 29) Awakening 30) Bringer Of Doom 31) Darkness Of The Night 32) Ecstasy 33) Bad Boys 34) Queen Witch 35) Soul Of Darkness 36) The Warrior 37) Medieval Ways 38) Crimson Rain 39) Angel 40) Evil Entity 41) Ancient Tale of Valor 42) Unending Fortitude 43) Dusk 44) Resurgence 45) Lycanthrope 46) Flight Of The Dragon 47) Scream My Name 48) Acient tale of valor 49) Unleashed 50) The Abyss

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