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Yuppie Flu

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Yuppie Flu

Yuppie Flu are an Italian band that plays lo-fi pop arranged with analog electronic keyboards. The album At The Zoo (1999) boasted charming vignettes such as Sport Yer Feelings and The Fairy Tales Of Young Robin, but the EP Boat (2000) upped the ante with the casual electronic folk of Boat Or Swim and Order The Player Off The Field. Days Before The Day (Homesleep, 2003), the mature formulation of their aesthetics, unleashed the creative insanity of a trio of eccentric compositions (Drained By Diamonds

Artist Tags For Yuppie Flu

1) Indie 2) Italian 3) Seen Live 4) Indie Rock 5) Indie Pop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Yuppie Flu

1) Patient One 2) Cold Device 3) Fragile Forest 4) Our Nature 5) Eyes 6) The Night and I 7) Yellow Hills 8) Sweet Lame 9) Make It Happen 10) Blue Plot 11) Glueing All The Fragments 12) Summer Afternoon 13) Drained By Diamonds 14) A Good Guide 15) Stray On Free 16) Eyes of Dazzling Bright 17) Together 18) I Feel Lucky 19) Spring to Downcomers 20) Better Than Ever 21) Make A Stand 22) All That Shines 23) One Shot 24) Food for the Ants 25) Pain Is Over 26) Vultures And Fortune 27) Europe Is Different 28) Dreamed Frontier 29) Silverdeer 30) Female Scientist 31) Now and On 32) Foods For The Ants 33) Give It a Day 34) The Fairy Tales of Young Robin 35) Boat or Swim 36) Sport Yer Feelings 37) Ambassadors 38) Sensitive kingdom 39) Private Eye At the Zoo 40) Nephology 41) Silver Rain 42) Wheel Deal 43) Gummo 44) Stolen Boat... 45) A Song's a Song 46) The Blue Experiment 47) Back Home 48) wise hitch-hiker handbook 49) She's lost it all 50) Retirement Speech

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