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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Ylvis

Ylvis is a variety show group from Bergen, Norway, consisting of the two brothers Bård Ylvisåker (born 1982) and Vegard Ylvisåker (born 1979). The brothers originated from Sogn, but grew up in Bergen and Africa. The brothers debuted professionally on 19 October 2000 at the Ole Bull Theater in Bergen with the show "Ylvis – en kabaret" ("Ylvis – a cabaret"). In connection with the show was the song "Rumor says" recorded, pressed as a CD-single, and sold during the show, but was never put out for regular sales.

Artist Tags For Ylvis

1) Pop 2) Norwegian 3) Comedy 4) Humor 5) Funny

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Ylvis

1) The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) 2) The Fox 3) Stonehenge 4) Jan Egeland 5) The Cabin 6) Yoghurt 7) Someone Like Me (Dubstep Radio Edit) 8) Work It 9) Mr. Toot 10) Truckers Hitch 11) Pressure 12) Massachusetts 13) Da vet du at det er jul 14) Someone Like Me 15) Intolerant 16) I Will Never Be A Star 17) Janym (Жаным) 18) Trucker`s Hitch 19) a capella 20) Sammen finner vi frem 21) Language Of Love 22) Old Friends 23) Ytterst på tissen 24) What Does The Fox Say? 25) Trucker's Hitch 26) The Fox - Extended Mix 27) Russian Government Process 28) Massachusetts (feat. Calle) 29) Shabby Chic 30) Langrennsfar 31) Who Can It Be 32) Engine For Gabriel 33) You're Fucked 34) The Fox (What Does The Fox Say) 35) The Fox (HQ 320kbbs 36) I Will Never Be A Star (Bjarte Ylvisåker) 37) I Beliebe 38) Someone Like Me - Dubstep Radio Edit 39) The Fox - Acapella 40) Stonehenge [ HD] 41) Push The Button 42) Naken 43) Tor Kraft 44) The Fox - Instrumental 45) Superstar In Norway 46) Hamar Town 47) The Fox (What does the Fox say?) [Official music video HD] 48) The Fox [Official music video HD] 49) Jeg heter Finn 50) Calle presents: Air Horn Classics (English subtitles)

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