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Xavier Flix

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Xavier Flix

Born in Barcelona, Spain, but residing in Santiago, Dominican Republic, Xavier has been making remixes since personal computers were capable of handling digital audio. Armed with a x386 and a SoundBlaster he managed to create some of the most memorable mixes and remixes from the 90's era. All, of course, with the help of DJ Master Marino. He recently opened a new blog, at, were you will find all of his work (including never-before released material).

Artist Tags For Xavier Flix

1) Remix 2) Reggaeton 3) Merengue 4) MegaMix 5) Dj Xavi

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Xavier Flix

1) Reggaeton Megamix 2) Extasis Megamix Vol6 3) Extasis Megamix Vol2 4) Extasis Megamix Vol1 5) Extasis Megamix Vol4 [The House Flashback Mix] 6) I Want It That Way [Techno Remix] 7) Extasis Megamix Vol5 8) Western Megamix 9) 4 Elementos [Megamix] 10) Extasis Megamix Vol3 [The '97 RetroMix] 11) Toque Profundo - XXX [The Barcelona ReMiX] 12) Rap-along Megamix 13) FastTek ReVerB 14) MegaRengues Mix 15) Relax [reDub MiX] 16) Bits & Pieces MegaMiX 17) Beatles [Hitek Mix] 18) Extasis Megamix Vol 4 19) Extasis Megamix Vol3 20) Extasis Megamix Vol4 21) Toque Profundo Barcelona ReMix 22) Suavemente [Remix] 23) Kim And Cindy 24) Extasis Megamix Vol 1 25) Xavier Flix - Beatles [hiTek MiX] 26) Xavier Flix - Rap-along Megamix 27) Bits&Pieces MegaMiX 28) Beatles

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