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Xanti is the alias of Matteo Romano, a 1992 born DJ, composer and producer hailing from Rome and proud of his French heritage. Founder of Backdoor Music Group, Xanti fell in love with music while touring Italy with his drummer father during his childhood. A digital native, he approached electronic music after borrowing his older brother’s copy of ”The Prodigy’s “The Fat Of The Land”. After his initial forays as a DJ, Xanti felt the need of producing his own sound and had the pleasure to release his early records on prominent labels such as Cr2 Records, Armada Music, Enhanced Music and Disco:Wax before starting his own venture Backdoor Music Group, which Xanti built to express his personal and eclectic vision and which he uses as a hub to always create new and very diverse projects, teaming up with a wide array of prominent artists and producers from several different genres.

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