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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For WinterFlame

Winter flame started playing together at november of 2007..The former members are Xristos Paloglou and Kostantinos Mantelos,2 guitar players searching for a vocalist to get into the action..Thanos Psarogenis offered to do the vocals and became the vocalist of the band.Xristos Paloglou proposed his cousin, Panos Valourdos, to also join the band. He is the bassist player of the band. After a while the band rehearsed with two former members. Xanthi a female singer and Leonidas a weirdo drummer.

Artist Tags For WinterFlame

1) Melodic Heavy Metal 2) Gothic Metal

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For WinterFlame

1) Nothing 2) Tears Of Pain 3) Blood Red Sea 4) Soul Collector 5) The Winterflame 6) My memories 7) 1.Tears of pain 8) 2. Nothing 9) 3.My Memories 10) 01 - Tears Of Pain 11) WinterFlame 12) My girl 13) Demo 2005 - Blood Red Sea 14) Demo 2005 - The Winterflame 15) Demo 2005 - Soul Collector 16) Sweet Dreams 17) Shaded 18) Diabolical Lust 19) Brother's Song 20) 03 - My Memories 21) 02 - Nothing 22) Hell's Nightmare 23) My memorries 24) Secret Fire 25) Living Next Door To Alice Jam

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