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Widescreen Mode

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Widescreen Mode

Widescreen Mode was formed in Riihimäki in 2003 by drummer Janne Aaltonen, singer Samu Brusila, guitar player Janne Lahtinen and bass player Janne Stenroos. The name of the band represents the things you can't see on the screen. Eyes wide open to the world. The debut album, "Until The End" was released in Finland on November 2007 through Dark Sentiments and Playground Music Scandinavia. It was produced and recorded by Jani Loikas (also the "Hello World" and "Another Day" EPs), mixed by Anssi Kippo (Children of Bodom, Stam1na, etc.

Artist Tags For Widescreen Mode

1) Finnish 2) Heavy Metal 3) Metal 4) Hard Rock 5) Finnish Metal

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Widescreen Mode

1) Everlasting Bomb 2) Dead Inside 3) Another Day 4) Without Me 5) Burning 6) Not Alright 7) Escape The World 8) And We Both Know 9) Keeping My Freedom 10) Killed By Vanity 11) Serotonin 12) We Don't Need Your War 13) She's Lying 14) The Hanging Man 15) She´s Lying 16) Blood That Had To Be Shed 17) We Don´t Need Your War 18) Addicted to Destruction 19) Can't Save The World 20) Awakening of the Beast 21) Intro 22) Here Comes The Pain 23) Loaded Gun 24) The Robots 25) Blink Of An Eye 26) The Worst Minutes of My Life 27) Cry of Despair 28) If Tomorrow Comes 29) Sleepwalking 30) If Tomorrow Comes (Single Edit) - Single Edit 31) Life 32) Angels in the Snow 33) In Your Face 34) Too Much 35) Again 36) Last 1 Standing 37) Falling Empire 38) Won't Believe You 39) We Donґt Need Your War 40) Sheґs Lying 41) Everlastin bomb 42) Widescreen Mode - Everlasting Bomb 43) If Tomorrow Comes (Single Edit) 44) Wo Don't Need Your War 45) Won´t Believe You 46) shes_lying 47) Everlasting 48) Last_1_Standing 49) Wont Believe you 50) The Lynch-Lawyers' Death Squad

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