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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Waterbone

Waterbone is a musical collaboration between two very different individuals. A native of North Carolina, Jimmy Waldo is a veteran of the rock and pop world, with a long history of successful recording projects. He grew up listening to music from around the world on his short wave radio. He began playing in bands in high school, and had many successful regional touring bands. After moving to Boston in 1979 he formed the short lived but highly successful group New England

Artist Tags For Waterbone

1) New Age 2) World 3) Chillout 4) Relaxing 5) Waterbone

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Waterbone

1) Pujari Vision 2) Eastern Girl 3) Song For The Mountain 4) River Of Souls 5) Tantra II 6) August Moon 7) Bridge To Manaslu 8) Tantra 9) Waterdance 10) Snow Palace 11) A Child's Prayer 12) Sky Gods 13) Waterchild 14) Temple of Thorns 15) Book of Stars 16) Keeper of the Gates of Mars 17) Between Two Rivers 18) King of Cups 19) Eastern Star 20) Hymn to Isis 21) Orion Prophecy 22) Vision of Maati 23) Tantra/Tantrum Remix by Junior Vasquez (Metro/Ethnic Version) 24) Tantra (Radio) 25) Hym to Isis 26) Tantra (Rascal Mix) 27) Tantra (Main) 28) Tantra (Beats) 29) Vision of Mati 30) Orion 31) Tantra (Instrumental) 32) Hymn 33) Waterbone - Tibet 34) Sky Galaxies 35) Lotus Island 36) Eastern Girl (Remix) 37) Cinema Bombay 38) Tantra (Remix) 39) River of Souls (Remix) 40) Tribes 41) The Real World 42) Child's Prayer 43) Tibet Dis 44) Song for the Mountain (Remix) 45) August Moon (Remix) 46) Tibet 47) Supernova Rising 48) Easten Girl 49) Snow Palace (Remix) 50) Pujari Vision (Remix)

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