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War Of Ages

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For War Of Ages

War of Ages is a christian melodic metalcore band from Erie, Pennsylvania, formed during the summer of 2002. The band members are Leroy Hamp (vocals), Branon Bernatowicz (guitar), Steve Brown (guitar), T.J. Alford (bass, vocals) and Alex Hamp (drums), all of whom are Christians. They played over 250 shows in 2005 with bands such as Bury Your Dead, The Acacia Strain, As I Lay Dying, and Throwdown. They have since released their self-titled debut album War of Ages in July 2005 on Strike First Records and in February 2006

Artist Tags For War Of Ages

1) Metalcore 2) Hardcore 3) Christian 4) Christian Metalcore 5) Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For War Of Ages

1) Collapse 2) All Consuming Fire 3) The Awakening 4) Stand Your Ground 5) Failure 6) Through The Flames 7) Strength Within 8) Desire 9) Battle On 10) Brothers In Arms 11) Absence of Fear 12) Eternal 13) My Resting Place 14) Indecision 15) Salvation 16) When Faith Turns To Ashes 17) Sleep Of Prisoners 18) Heart Of A Warrior 19) Your Betrayal 20) Only the Strong Survive 21) The Fallen 22) My Solitude 23) Guide For The Helpless 24) Wages Of Sin 25) Yet Another Fallen Eve 26) Rise From The Ashes 27) False Prophet 28) Scars of Tomorrow 29) One Day 30) Generational Curse 31) Instrumental 32) Lack of Clarity 33) Broken Before You 34) Aftermath 35) The Deception Of Strongholds 36) The Fall Of Pride 37) Silenced Insecurities 38) Second Chance 39) Bitter Sweet 40) Stone By Stone 41) Immortal 42) Redeemer 43) Intro 44) Fallen Idol 45) Silent Night 46) From Ashes 47) Song of Solomon 48) Psalms 49) With Honor 50) M.E.B.

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