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Wander As Ghosts

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Wander As Ghosts Wander as Ghosts came into being in the summer of 2012, two strangers - Lance Wyoming and Tony Haitch -- were expelled from a silent meditation retreat in northern Thailand for passing notes about their mutual love for Slayer, Crystal Castles, Dreamcast games and the Wu-Tang Clan. Today, they can be found in their natural habitat, holed up in a tiny room with laptops, guitars, glockenspiels, vintage synths and black coffee, as they hone their densely layered avant-metal-retro-futurist-sludgecore.

Artist Tags For Wander As Ghosts

1) Metal 2) Experimental 3) Industrial Metal 4) Metalcore 5) Progressive Metal

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Wander As Ghosts

1) The Plasticine Du Jour 2) K.T.E 3) Ketsuban 4) Pindaya 5) Spiders With Human Teeth 6) Mass 7) Lum 8) ≈ΨΩΨ≈/≈ΨΩΨ≈≈ΨΩΨ≈ 9) Vipassanā 10) U†U 11) Costanza 12) UtU 13) K.T.E. 14) Stomp 15) Vipassana 16) Sunk 17) ≈ΨΩΨ≈_≈ΨΩΨ≈_≈ΨΩΨ≈ 18) Ham 19) Bayou 20) Hallucigenia 21) Dragons 22) Polizia 23) Sandopolis 24) iamgladtobeapartofthisgiganticmassdistraction 25) Snake$ 26) _℉_L_O_W_E_R_S_ 27) What the Water Gave Me - Florence and the Machine as chopped and screwed by us today 28) Dragons Don't Sleep 29) ≈ΨΩΨ≈/≈ΨΩΨ≈≈ΨΩΨ≈

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