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Victor Bailey

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Victor Bailey

Victor Bailey (March 27, 1960 – November 11, 2016) was an American jazz fusion bass guitar player. He was the bass player for Weather Report during their final years from 1982 to 1986, and launched a solo career in 1988. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Victor Bailey attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston after being disqualified from naval service due to asthma. Bailey has recorded and/or toured with Omar Hakim, Sonny Rollins

Artist Tags For Victor Bailey

1) Bass 2) Jazz 3) Fusion 4) Jazz Fusion 5) Funk

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Victor Bailey

1) Do You Know Who / Continuum 2) Low blow 3) City Living 4) Sweet Tooth 5) Graham Cracker 6) Brain Teaser 7) Knee-Jerk Reaction 8) Feels Like A Hug 9) She Left Me 10) Babytalk 11) Countdown 12) Ape School 13) I Wonder 14) Goose Bumps 15) Alfie 16) Lucky Punch 17) Like A Horn 18) If You Say So 19) For Wendell and Brenda 20) Nothing But Net 21) Where's Paco? 22) The Rope-A-Dope 23) Joey 24) Kid Logic 25) Kid Logic (feat. Victor Bailey bass/keyboards/vocals,Michael Brecker sax,Jim Beard keyboards,Mino Cinelu percussionOmar Hakim drums,Wayne Krantz) 26) Knee Deep/One Nation Medley 27) Black On The Bach 28) Steamy 29) That's Right! 30) Bottom's Up 31) Slippin N Trippin 32) Joyce's Favorite 33) Round Midnight 34) Miles Wows (Live) 35) In The Hat 36) Kiss 37) Hear The Design 38) Bottom's Up (feat. Victor Bailey bass/keyboards/vocals,Najee sax,Richard Tee organ,Mike Campbell guitar,Poogie Bell drum program) 39) Joyce's Favorite (feat. Victor Bailey bass/keyboards,Terence Blanchard trumpet,Marcus Miller bass,Omar Hakim drums,Clyde Criner keyboardsKevin Eubanks guitar) 40) Slippin N Trippin Pt 2 41) Miles Wows (Live) (feat. Victor Bailey bass/keyboards/vocals,Wayne Shorter sax,Dennis Chambers drums,Terence Blanchard trumpet,Donald Harrison sax,Alex Foster saxMark Ledford trumpet/vocalsMike Campbell guitar) 42) Round Midnight (feat. Victor Bailey bass/keyboards/vocals,Branford Marsalis sax,Rodney Jones guitar,Jim Beard piano/keyboards,Lonni Plaxico acoustic bass,Steve Thornton percussion,Poogie Bell toms,Jeff "Tain" Watts drums) 43) In the Hat (feat. Victor Bailey bass,Bill Evans sax,Jim Beard keyboards,John Herrington guitar,Mino Cinelu percussion,Richie Morales drums) 44) Hear the Design (feat. Victor Bailey bass/keyboards/vocals,Donald Harrison sax,Clarence Robinson spoken word,Clyde Criner keyboards,Rodney Holmes drums) 45) Slippin' N' Trippin' 46) A Remark You Made 47) Controversy 48) Kid Logic (feat. Victor Bailey bass/keyboards/vocals,Michael Brecker sax,Jim Beard keyboards,Mino Cinelu percussionOmar Hakim drum 49) Knee Deep 50) Slippin' n' Trippin' Part 2

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