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Vibhas Kendzia

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Vibhas Kendzia

Vibhas is a multi- instrumentalist who has created a unique style of music. Classical training in Germany in piano and flute, studies in Latin percussion and soprano saxophone, and many years playing Native flutes in India have all been influential in creating the original sound he plays today. His travels around the world brought him to Sedona, Arizona where he was introduced to the haunting sound of the Navajo Indian flutes. Playing them to a background

Artist Tags For Vibhas Kendzia

1) New Age 2) World 3) Meditative 4) Relaxation 5) Flute Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Vibhas Kendzia

1) Light on the Path 2) Song for Kaveesha 3) Dream Catcher 4) Call From The Mountains 5) Goddess of the River 6) Blossoms in Spring 7) Night In The Canyon 8) Song Of Bliss 9) Going Nowhere 10) Sunset 11) Longing 12) River Of Life 13) Snake Dance 14) Echo from the Other Shore 15) River of Dreams 16) Clair 17) Spanish - Sax+Rhythm - 6-04min 18) Goddess of the River / Light O 19) Touched by Stillness 20) Silent Breeze 21) Moon Dance 22) Anasazi Rising 23) Coming Home 24) Dancing in the Rain 25) Song of Awakening 26) Dream Catcher / Light on The P 27) Sedona-Vibhas 28) Little Love Song - Live recording for Ellen Blau 29) Om Shanti 30) Goddess of the River / Light On The Path 31) Treasure Of My Heart 32) Songs Of Awakening 33) Light On The Path / Light On T

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