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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Venja

Venja at iTunes : First album 'Arcadia' available again at iTunes: Venja homepage: Venja brings together the extremes of musical tradition. The computer technology of the high-tech era together with the soft timbre of classically trained female singers. The two are finely balanced. When anyone accuses the creators of electronic music that their sounds are subdued and bizarre, Venja can teach them the error of their ways.

Artist Tags For Venja

1) New Age 2) Ambient 3) Chillout 4) Electronic 5) Belgian

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Venja

1) A Dash of Soul 2) Sensing the Spheres 3) Once In A Blue Moon 4) Black Moon Dance 5) Astral Waves 6) Moving on Curves 7) Oxigen And Bubbles 8) Space Hotel (Lo-Fi dub) 9) Musing 10) Beneath My Wings 11) Distance Calls 12) Eliah`s Ascension 13) See the Trees Dance 14) Loosing Gravity 15) Solid On The Rock 16) 60's Flowers 17) Afloat 18) The Garden of Make Believe 19) Arcadia Memory 20) Emerald-green Eyes 21) L.A. Night Chase 22) Reaching out 23) Everything Is Sometimes 24) Groove Delight 25) Mutual Needs 26) Like The Turning Of The Leaves 27) It Rains In My Heart 28) Oxygen and Bubbles 29) In Memories 30) Summer Days 31) Cashmere Moon Where Wind Begins 32) The Desert Tree 33) Lily Is Dreaming Again 34) When Tribal Wizards Dance 35) Tranquillity Spaces 36) The garden of Make Believe (radio) 37) Cashmere Moon 38) Astral Voyage 39) Planet Of Frost 40) Buchstabe Suppe 41) Cashmere Moon, Shabua Desert of Seven Days 42) Lost In Space 43) Love Games 44) Amen 45) Voyaging The Unknown 46) The Arcadia Theme 47) Mountain's Breathe 48) The Garden Of Make Belive 49) Eliah's Ascension 50) Day of Atonement

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