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Unfinished Thought

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Unfinished Thought

Unfinished Thought began as a duo in 2001 in Kalamazoo, MI. Stacey Nelson provides beautiful female vocals [often times with 3 or even 4 part harmonies] which combine with Joe Kiser's unique studio sound of crashing industrial guitars and driving, mechanical rhythms to produce a sound that is truly unique. They've been compared to Evanescence, Garbage, Kidneythieves, Lacuna Coil and Depeche Mode. UT's first studio album, "Becoming Aware", was released in December 2002 on Shiverstar Records, UT's own Midwest label.

Artist Tags For Unfinished Thought

1) Industrial Rock 2) Rock 3) Alternative 4) Industrial 5) Ethereal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Unfinished Thought

1) Through Crowded Rooms 2) Umbrella 3) Evening 4) Xoe 5) Lack of Days 6) Voices 7) Disenchanted 8) My Valentine's Last Breath 9) Lack Of Days Piano Version 10) Sidewalks 11) Perfectly Still 12) By The Time You Read This 13) Visionary 14) The Order of Detail 15) Don't Stop Raindrop 16) Probabilities 17) Reflection 18) The Timid 19) One More Forever 20) Silhouette 21) Star Fighter 22) Coming Back 23) Mokienko 24) Quiet 25) Sonnet 26) Illuminata 27) Lack Of Days (piano version) 28) Head Over Heels 29) Come Undone 30) Good Evening 31) I'm Not In Love 32) The Eternal Shade Theory (Part 1) 33) By The Time You Read This PREV 34) Sidewalks PREVIEW 35) Lack Of Days [Piano Version] 36) You've Got A Friend 37) My Valentines Last Breath 38) One More Forever PREVIEW 39) Star Fighter PREVIEW 40) Death Wish Revival 41) The Timid (original) 42) through_crowded_rooms 43) Visionary PREVIEW 44) Quiet PREVIEW 45) The Order Of Detail PREVIEW 46) The Eternal Shade Theory Part I 47) The Eternal Shade Theory [Part 1] 48) The Eternal Shade Theory Part 49) Reflection PREVIEW 50) Sonnet PREVIEW

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