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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For TweakerRay

TweakerRay is a Producer / ReMixartist from germany. TweakerRay started making music 1999 with first bandproject SPITE. (Own Independent CD "Virus") and making first remixes for the Industrial Band "KiEw". 2004 TweakerRay composed, recorded and mixed the Album "Future Noir" for Hanin Elias (Ex-Atari Teenage Riot) (Released in USA / EUROPE). Over the years he took part in several remixcontests. ReMixing artists like KiEw (released on CD) , Depeche Mode, The Secret Meeting, Curve, Celldweller, Blue Stahli, Laurent Garnier,

Artist Tags For TweakerRay

1) Electronic 2) Industrial Rock 3) Experimental 4) Industrial 5) Producer

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For TweakerRay

1) All the Love in the world (TweakerRay's Strings and Electronic Version) 2) The Perfect Drug 3) Nine Inch Nails - Head Down (TweakerRay Wave Goodbye ReMix) 4) 1.000.000 (TweakerRay ReMix) 5) BURN (You stupid B1tch) 6) The Great Destroyer (TweakerRay ReMix) 7) Head Down (TweakerRay Wave Goodbye ReMix) 8) The Warning (wiped clean RMX by TweakerRay) 9) God Given (Isolated And Seperated ReMix by TweakerRay) 10) Me I'm not (TweakerRay ReMix) 11) Vessel (Polite) 12) NIN - The good soldier (believes in peace Remix by TweakerRay) 13) Problems have solutions (Interlude) 14) Last (TweakerRay ReMix) 15) The Beginning of the end (World War III ReMix) 16) In This Twilight (All The Black is Really White Rmx) by TweakerRay 17) Lights in the sky (Reflecting RMX) 18) TPD (Green Dream RMX) 19) Discipline (Can't Stop myself V2.0 ReMix by TweakerRay) 20) March of the Pigs (TweakerRay ReMix) 21) Zero Sum (TweakerRay ReMix) 22) Meet your Master (TweakerRay ReMix) 23) Gone Too Far 24) The good soldier (believes in peace Remix by TweakerRay) 25) The Beginning of the End (TweakerRay Worldwar III ReMix) 26) Vessel (Polite ReMix by TweakerRay) 27) March of the Pigs (TweakerRay RMX) 28) My Violent Heart (TweakerRay ReMix) 29) Only (TweakerRay ReMix) 30) Nine Inch Nails - Burn (You Stupid B1tch ReMix by TweakerRay) 31) In This Twilight (Black Is Really White Dance ReMix) 32) Echoplex (TweakerRay ReMix) 33) The Hand That Feeds (Breakdown ReMix by TweakerRay) 34) The Collector II 35) Zero Sum (V 2.0 RMX by TweakerRay) 36) Discipline (Dirty T-Shirt ReMix) 37) Fight Back 38) Only (Lost Focus ReMix) 39) My Violent Heart (Electro-Shocked) 40) NIN - Capital G (Drop Da Bomb ReMix by TweakerRay) 41) Big Come Down (Reconstructed ReMix) 42) Survivalism (TweakerRay ReMix) 43) Lights in the Sky (Reflecting ReMix by TweakerRay) 44) Hyperpower (Slipped away RMX by TweakerRay) 45) Zero Sum V2 rmx by TweakerRay 46) Burn (You Stupid B1tch ReMix by TweakerRay) 47) Meet your Master (Strings and Electro ReMix) 48) The Greater Good (Doomed and finished RMX by TweakerRay) 49) The good soldier (believes in peace RMX) 50) Demon Seed (TweakerRays ReMix)

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