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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Triptaka

Originally hailing from "The Great White North", this electro rock powerhouse is making waves with their cutting edge sound and style. Reminiscent of bands like Nine Inch Nails and Tool, this group creates timeless, relevant and intoxicating heavy music, without pulling any punches. Tired of the lack of innovative and creative music in todays rock scene, the members of Triptaka formed the band in order to create music that they wanted to hear. The assemblage

Artist Tags For Triptaka

1) Industrial Rock 2) Industrial 3) Experimental 4) Progressive Rock 5) American

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Triptaka

1) Lost & Leading 2) Tamed 3) Slowburn 4) Don't You Think It's Time You Let Go? 5) Suspended 6) Mother 7) Falling Down 8) Second War 9) The Source 10) Ships, Planes, Tanks 11) Black & White Lies 12) Synchronized 13) Nothin' To Me 14) Nothin To Me 15) Don't You Think It's Time You Let Go 16) Monkey On A Cloud 17) Lost Leading 18) Black White Lies 19) Lost And Leading 20) Black and White Lies 21) Dont You Think Its Time You Let Go 22) Lost 23) ships planes tanks 24) DYTITYLG VICTORY PILL MIX 25) Supsended 26) Black/White Lies 27) Don't You Think It's Time You 28) Lost Leading 29) To Me 30) lost&leading pistols mix 31) Triptaka-Suspended 32) Black__White_Lies 33) razor blade dance floor 61 34) Lost__Leading 35) Dont_You_Think_Its_Time_You_Let_Go 36) Triptaka-Ships,_Planes,_Tanks 37) Tamed (From the album "Second War") 38) Falling Down (From the album "Second War") 39) Mother (From the album "Second War") 40) Triptaka / Lost & Leading 41) Triptaka / Suspended 42) Triptaka / Tamed 43) Don´t You Think It´s Time You Let Go 44) Triptaka / Second War 45) Don't You Think Its Time You Let Go 46) Triptaka-Nothin_To_Me 47) Triptaka-Synchronized 48) Triptaka-Dont_You_Think_Its_Time_You_Let_Go 49) Black White Lies 50) Triptaka-Lost__Leading

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