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Tribal Tech

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Tribal Tech

Tribal Tech is a progressive fusion band, originally formed in 1984 by guitarist Scott Henderson and bass player Gary Willis. The band includes Scott Kinsey on keyboard and Kirk Covington on drums, and has produced nine CDs that stretch the borders between blues, jazz, and rock. The band is widely regarded for the prodigious talents of its individual members and for its importance to the modern fusion music scene, but has informally dissolved following the release of 2000's Rocket Science, with the various members pursuing solo careers.

Artist Tags For Tribal Tech

1) Fusion 2) Jazz Fusion 3) Jazz 4) Instrumental 5) Progressive

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Tribal Tech

1) Song Holy Hall 2) Face First 3) The Big Wave 4) Canine 5) Replica 6) After Hours 7) Saturn 5 8) Stoopid 9) Elvis at the Hop 10) Astro Chimp 11) Salt Lick 12) The Necessary Blonde 13) Revenge Stew 14) Got Tuh B 15) Rocket Science 16) Boat Gig 17) Black Cherry 18) Boiler Room 19) The Crawling Horror 20) Torque 21) Space Camel 22) Sub Aqua 23) Sheik of Encino 24) Sojlevska 25) Mini Me 26) Dense Dance 27) Slidin' Into Charlisa 28) Moonshine 29) Cap'n Kirk 30) Nite Club 31) Signal Path 32) Root Food 33) Nomad 34) The Precipice 35) Mech X 36) Babylon 37) Wounded 38) Party at Kinsey's 39) Mango Prom 40) Bofat 41) You May Remember Me 42) Paha Sapa 43) Self Defense 44) Riot 45) Slick 46) The Econoline 47) Jalapeno 48) Got Faith 'N Phat 49) Big Girl Blues 50) Wasteland

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