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Twins Crew

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Twins Crew

Twins Crew was founded 2007 by the Twins Dennis and David Janglöv after they graduated with honors from the World famous GIT ( Gutiar institute of Technoligy) in Hollywood, USA. The band started with 5 people in the line up. Andreas Larsson on vocals, Fredrik Hammar on bass, Uno Eriksson on drums and Dennis and David Janglöv on guitar. Twins Crew consist of 6 members today, Nicko Dimarino joined the band on keyboard in 2013. The goal was to start a band which would have all the classic Heavy Metal elements from band such as Iron Maiden

Artist Tags For Twins Crew

1) Power Metal 2) Heavy Metal 3) Swedish Heavy Metal 4) Metal 5) Sweden

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Twins Crew

1) Last Crusader 2) Blade 3) Eternal Nights 4) Lucifer 5) Unholy Grail 6) Light 7) Dr. Dream 8) Atlantis 9) Kings Of Yesterday 10) Loud And Proud 11) Angels Fall 12) My Heart Is Burning 13) Veni Vidi Vici 14) Tales of A Hero 15) Heaven Awaits 16) We're Leaving Satan 17) Take This Life 18) Judgement Night 19) Under the Morningstar 20) Protectors of the Sky 21) It's My Time 22) My Own Personal Hell 23) Sky Is Falling 24) Show No Mercy 25) Divide Et Impera 26) Stand Your Ground 27) Praise Hell 28) Ghost of the Seven Seas 29) Forever Free 30) Under My Command 31) Out of Time 32) Burn the Witch 33) Heavy Metal Nation 34) Under The Morning Star 35) Legions of the Dead 36) Twin Demon 37) Davy Jones 38) The End of Forever 39) 777 40) Fire of Anger 41) Different Kind of Love 42) Raven Souls 43) Breaking the Line 44) Beauty and the Beast 45) Blade (2013) 46) Under The Morning Star (2013) 47) Loud And Proud (2013) 48) Unholy Grail (2013) 49) Judgement Night - My Own Personal Hell 50) We´re Leaving Satan

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