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The Seatbelts

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Seatbelts

シートベルツ (The Seatbelts) is a Japanese blues/jazz band led by composer and instrumentalist 菅野よう子 (Yoko Kanno). Their style is very diverse and ranges from straightforward big-band jazz to more refined rock 'n roll and blues ballads. Since most of the band's prolific output revolves around instrumental work, The Seatbelts have no de facto lead singer but Steve Conte (from The Contes and Crown Jewels) and 山根麻以 (Mai Yamane) have contributed to and sung for several tracks.

Artist Tags For The Seatbelts

1) Jazz 2) Blues 3) Soundtrack 4) Japanese 5) Anime

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Seatbelts

1) Tank! 2) Rush 3) Piano Black 4) Cat Blues 5) Spokey Dokey 6) Felt Tip Pen 7) Waltz For Zizi 8) Too Good Too Bad 9) Bad Dog No Biscuits 10) Memory 11) Pot City 12) Digging My Potato 13) Space Lion 14) Cosmos 15) The Egg And I 16) Rain 17) Goodnight Julia 18) Autumn In Ganymede 19) CAR 24 20) Road To The West 21) American Money 22) Bindy 23) Mushroom Hunting 24) Stella By Moor 25) Go Go Cactus Man 26) Ask DNA 27) Forever Broke 28) Clutch 29) The Egg And You 30) Spy 31) Elm 32) Fingers 33) Yo Pumpkin Head 34) Blue 35) Tank! (TV Edit) 36) Farewell Blues 37) Sax Quartet 38) The Real Folk Blues 39) Cats On Mars 40) N.Y. Rush 41) Words That We Couldn't Say 42) Odd Ones 43) Car24 44) Green Bird 45) What Planet Is This 46) Gateway 47) The Real Man 48) March For Koala 49) Powder 50) Fe

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