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Team Cybergeist

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Team Cybergeist

Team Cybergeist is the solo/side project of Angel (best known as the present/past drummer of such bands as Dope, Genitorturers, PIG, Crossbreed, Switched, The Undead, and many others). With this project, Angel brings a collective of musicians from all around the world together to make music through the internet. It is also an outlet for all of Angels remix projects. Angel is currently in the studio working on his first full length CD titled How To Destroy Something Beautiful... Here is what Angel has to say about it:

Artist Tags For Team Cybergeist

1) Industrial Rock 2) Industrial 3) Rock 4) Ebm 5) Industrial Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Team Cybergeist

1) 1 Knife 1 Throat 2 Hearts 2) Human Nature 3) Radiation Romance 4) The Dream 5) Crash and Burn 6) Crisis in Me 7) Justified 8) Second Coming 9) Rip The Stitch 10) Dominate 11) On Broken Wings 12) Heartless 13) My Last Call 14) Everything 15) How To Destroy Something Beautiful 16) Zombie 17) The End Of All We Know 18) Sucker 19) The World Ends Tonight 20) Justified [Explicit] 21) A Way Out 22) Just Go 23) Self Centered (Spelling Love With Dollar Signs) 24) Crash And Burn [Explicit] 25) Somebody's Watching Me 26) Everything [Explicit] 27) Sand Castles 28) In The Red 29) Right Here 30) The Dream [Explicit] 31) Make My Heart Bleed 32) The End Of All We Know [Explicit] 33) I Am Here 34) Keep Me Hangin' on 35) My Last Call [Explicit] 36) Break Me 37) Eye 38) The Perfect Wreck 39) 1 Knife 1 Throat 2 Hearts [Explicit] 40) THE DREAMIX 41) The Other Side 42) The Great Divide 43) A Way Out [Explicit] 44) How To Destroy Something Beautiful [Explicit] 45) Self Centered (Spelling Love With Dollar Signs) [Explicit] 46) Sand Castles [Explicit] 47) The World Ends Tonight [Explicit] 48) Tomorrow 49) Radiation Romance (Psykill Remix) 50) Tomorrow (Japan Mix)

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