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Noam Kaniel

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Noam Kaniel

Noam Kaniel (born August 18, 1962 in Tel Aviv, Israel) is a singer and composer, who has sold over 8 million records, and is known for composing or performing the theme songs of many animated series including X-Men, Goldorak, The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Heathcliff and Code Lyoko. Noam began singing at the age of 8 in Israel, taking second place in a children's singing contest organized by his future most frequent collaborator, producer Haim Saban, in partnership with Yuda Talit.

Artist Tags For Noam Kaniel

1) Soundtrack 2) Electronic 3) Pop 4) English 5) Treble

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Noam Kaniel

1) Power Rangers Samurai Theme - MMPR Opening Full Remix 2) Power Rangers Samurai Theme-1 - Mmpr Opening Instrumental Remix 3) A World Without Danger 4) Power Rangers Samurai Theme-2 - Mmpr Closing Instrumental Remix 5) Power Rangers Samurai Theme (MMPR Opening Full Remix) 6) Les Entrechats 7) Power Rangers Samurai Theme - MMPR Opening Instrumental Remix 8) Glitter Force Theme Song 9) Power Rangers Samurai Theme (MMPR Closing Instrumental Remix) 10) Power Rangers Samurai Theme - MMPR Closing Instrumental Remix 11) Power Rangers Samurai Theme (MMPR Opening Instrumental Remix) 12) Power Rangers Megaforce - Opening Theme 13) Power Rangers Samurai theme 14) Glitter Force: Wake up Shake Up 15) Glitter Force Theme Song - Broadcast Version 16) Miraculous LadyBug - Opening (Anime version) 17) Goldorak 18) Les Entrechats sont là 19) Glitter Force Theme Song - Broadcast Version-Instrumental 20) Les Popple 21) Ladybug 22) Glitter Force Theme Song - Instrumental 23) K'she Achinu Ha'katan Yigdal 24) A World Without Danger (Code Lyoko Full Opening Song) 25) Mysterious Cities of Gold 26) Go, Go Power Rangers (Samurai Forever Vocal Mix) 27) Power Rangers Samurai Theme-1 28) Glitter Force Theme Song (feat. Blush) 29) Power Rangers Samurai Theme-2 30) Gali 31) Miraculous Ladybug 32) The mysterious cities of gold 33) Ladybug Pv 34) time to cry 35) Miraculous LadyBug - Opening (Anime version) 36) Power Rangers Megaforce 37) Catillac Cats intro 38) Go, Go Power Rangers (Go, Go Megaforce Version) 39) Power Rangers Dino Charge Theme Song 40) Power Rangers Samurai Theme-1 (Mmpr Opening Instrumental Remix) 41) Power Rangers Samurai Theme (Instrumental) 42) Miraculous Ladybug promo video song 43) MASK 44) L'araignée 45) Power Rangers Samurai Theme-2 (Mmpr Closing Instrumental Remix) 46) Kshe'Achinu Ha'Katan Yigdal 47) Go, Go Power Rangers (Samurai Forever Closing Mix) 48) L'agence tous risques 49) Go Go Power Rangers 50) Glitter Force: Wake up Shake Up - Instrumental

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