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Lion's Share

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Lion's Share

After a six-year break, Swedish melodic metal masters LION'S SHARE have returned with their finest effort to date, "Emotional Coma". The revamped outfit, which now features singer Patrik Johansson (ASTRAL DOORS, WUTHERING HEIGHTS) and bassist Sampo Axelsson (GLENN HUGHES) alongside band mastermind Lars Chriss (guitar) and session/non-touring drummer Richard Evensand (ex-CHIMAIRA, SOILWORK, THERION), continues to produce modern sounding heavy metal that revolves around Chriss' thick

Artist Tags For Lion's Share

1) Power Metal 2) Heavy Metal 3) Metal 4) Seen Live 5) Melodic Metal

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Lion's Share

1) Judas Must Die 2) Phantom Rider 3) Demon In Your Mind 4) Heavy Cross to Bear 5) The Bottomless Pit 6) Full Metal Jacket 7) Barker Ranch 8) The Presidio 27 9) Napalm Nights 10) The Edge Of The Razor 11) Cult Of Denial 12) Space Scam 13) We Are What We Are 14) Behind the Curtain 15) The Arsonist 16) Emotional Coma 17) Clones Of Fate 18) Trafficking 19) Soultaker 20) Toxication Rave 21) A Touch Of Evil 22) Bloodstained Soil 23) Hatred's My Fuel 24) Sorcerers 25) The Day The Earth Caught Fire 26) Pentagram 27) Sins of a Father 28) Unholy Rites 29) SHOTGUN MESSIAH 30) Arabia 31) The Edge Of Sanity 32) Entrance 33) Believe 34) Scarecrow 35) Just In Time To Be Late 36) Fall From Grace 37) Chain Child 38) Play By The Rules 39) Lost 40) Lord Of The Pain 41) Shadows 42) Haunted 43) Drowning 44) Wild At Heart 45) Remembrance 46) Flash In The Night 47) Transient 48) King Of All The Kings 49) Waiting 50) Baptism Of Fire

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