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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Darkhour

DARKHOUR is about the decline of human civilization. we are indeed entering into a time of darkness. human kind is being consumed by corruption and greed. everything that this country was founded on is in danger of destruction. .ruina. is a chronicle of world events that are forcing our lives into a time of confusion and desperation. the human race as a whole has become complacent, ignorant and self-serving. a perversion of religion and political correctness has propagated into the bowels of world government

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1) Industrial 2) Industrial Rock 3) Lesser Known Yet Streamable Artists 4) Under 2000 Listeners

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Darkhour

1) A Time to Die 2) Eve of Destruction 3) The Missing 4) The Incoming 5) Deprived 6) Numb the Pain 7) Turn to Black 8) The Line Easily Crossed 9) The Awakening 10) X 11) Losing It 12) Turning Into 13) Anguish 14) Anquish 15) Time to Die

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