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Big Fela

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Big Fela

Big Fela Afrobeat Orchestra is an afrobeat band from Melbourne, Australia dedicated to performing the fabulous music of Fela Kuti - plus a few choice cuts of their own in the style of the master. They have a strong local following, but are yet to release any more than a short demo. More info:

Artist Tags For Big Fela

1) World 2) Funk 3) Afrobeat 4) Afrofunk 5) Fela

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Big Fela

1) It's Murda 2) Zombie 3) Life 4) d'd'n' 5) Why? (demo) 6) Colonial Mentality (live) 7) Feeling (Lift Up Your Heart) (demo) 8) Treaty (live) 9) THE WAY I DO 2 10) stolen land live 11) d'd'ngood2 12) Ronny's Tune 13) Its Murda 14) Stolen Land (live) 15) zombiefast 16) Bigfelaimpro2 17) ekoile live 18) zombie live jazzfr 19) Bigfelaimpro1 20) zombie good 21) no agreement 22) fela idea 1 23) ronnie's tunegood 24) d'd'ngood 25) ronny's tune live

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