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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Atreyu

Atreyu is a five-piece melodic metalcore band from Orange County, California, United States that formed in 1998 and went on hiatus in 2011. They have since reformed in 2014 with preparations for a new album and resumed touring. The band consists of vocalist Alex Varkatzas, guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel, bassist Marc McKnight and drummer and vocalist Brandon Saller. The band was originally named "Retribution" but, when they found out that another band from Hemet

Artist Tags For Atreyu

1) Metalcore 2) Hardcore 3) Metal 4) Screamo 5) Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Atreyu

1) Right Side of the Bed 2) Bleeding Mascara 3) Becoming the Bull 4) Ex's And Oh's 5) The Crimson 6) Falling Down 7) Blow 8) Lip Gloss And Black 9) Doomsday 10) Honor 11) When Two Are One 12) You Eclipsed By Me 13) The Theft 14) Creature 15) This Flesh A Tomb 16) Lose It 17) Slow Burn 18) Shameful 19) Ain't Love Grand 20) No One Cares 21) The Remembrance Ballad 22) My Sanity On The Funeral Pyre 23) Demonology And Heartache 24) Tulips Are Better 25) Corseting 26) Untitled Finale 27) Can't Happen Here 28) A Song For The Optimists 29) An Interlude 30) Deanne The Arsonist 31) Someone's Standing On My Chest 32) Nevada's Grace 33) We Stand Up 34) Blood Children (an Introduction) 35) Your Private War 36) A Vampire's Lament 37) Five Vicodin Chased With A Shot Of Clarity 38) You Give Love a Bad Name 39) Dilated 40) Storm to Pass 41) At Least I Know I'm A Sinner 42) My Fork in the Road (Your Knife in My Back) 43) Living Each Day Like You're Already Dead 44) Lead Sails (And A Paper Anchor) 45) Our Sick Story (Thus Far) 46) Bleeding Is A Luxury 47) Gallows 48) Coffin Nails 49) Congregation Of The Damned 50) Wait For You

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For Atreyu

1) Lead Sails Paper Anchor 2) The Curse 3) Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses 4) A Death-Grip on Yesterday 5) Best Of Atreyu 6) Congregation of the Damned 7) Visions 8) A Deathgrip On Yesterday 9) In Our Wake 10) Long Live 11) Lead Sails Paper Anchor 2.0 12) A Death Grip on Yesterday 13) The Best Of Atreyu 14) The Curse [Instrumental] 15) Fractures in the Facade of Your Porcelain Beauty 16) The Time Is Now 17) The Curse (Deluxe Edition) 18) A Deathgrip On Yesterday [Instrumental] 19) Lead Sails Paper Anchor (Explicit Version) 20) Recordings 21) Underworld Evolution 22) Becoming the Bull Promo 23) (null) 24) Anger Left Behind 25) Suicide Notes & Butterfly Kisses 26) Fractures In The Facade Of Your Porcelain Beauty [EP] 27) Covers of the Damned 28) The Curse Disc 1 29) Congregation Of The Damn 30) Congregation of the Damned (Explicit) 31) Suicide Notes And Butterfly Ki 32) The Curse-(Advance) 33) Right Side of the Bed 34) A Death Grip on Yesterday Disc 1 35) Do You Know Who You Are? 36) It's A Misery Business 37) A Death Grip On Yesterday unmastered 38) The Curse (Bonus Track) 39) In Our Wake (Deluxe Edition) 40) Fractures in the Facade of You 41) The String Quartet Tribute to Atreyu 42) The Curse [Bonus Track] 43) Underworld: Evolution [Original Soundtrack] 44) Underworld: Evolution OST 45) Start To Break 46) The Time Is Now (Alternate) 47) Suicide Notes And Butterfly .. 48) The Best of Atreyu Disc 1 49) The Best Of... 50) Suicide Notes & Butterfly Kiss

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