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Zuvaabybge Lava by 1 Knight Stand

Artist Biography For 1 Knight Stand

1 Knight Stand Was Formed On October 3 2009 By Guitarist And Song Writer Ahmed Eman Shortly After He Left His Previous Group A Chord N' A Dream. Eman Attributes The Band Name To A One Time Gig At A Concert That Was Supposed To Happen On October 30 2009 Which Apparently Was Called Off By The Concert Organizer. Upon Realizing The Great Potential Of Jamming Along With His Band Mates Sinadh On Drums Yamaan The Lefty On The Bass And Reehan Strumming Endlessly On The Guitars Eman Strived Onto Create The First 4 Titles Of The Band That Has An Experimental Composite Of Diverse Genres That Included Alternative Punk Grunge Rock Reggae And Blues. To This Date The Band Has Gone Onto Create Over 20 Comical Titles Highlighting More Than A Few Comings And Goings Amongst The Youth Today In The Maldives.

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