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Tommy Fredvang

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Tommy Fredvang

Tommy Fredvang (02.02.1982) from Stavanger, Norway, found the songwriter within him at the age of 17. It all started as a hobby in a local punk band, but it quickly developed to be his biggest passion. After one year at the McCartney School in Liverpool, Tommy decided to return to Norway and continue working with his music. With him, he had an exclusive iTunes release of his song, "Wait for me". This song got picked by Robin Gibb, known from The Bee Gee's, and then released by Lipa's own record company.

Artist Tags For Tommy Fredvang

1) Norwegian 2) Norway 3) Rock 4) Melodi Grand Prix 5) Pop

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Tommy Fredvang

1) Wake up call 2) Make It Better 3) Wake Up Call - Ruben Nyborg Remix 4) Vampyrane 5) Wait For Me 6) Bli med meg hjem 7) Easy Goodbye 8) Paralyzed 9) Et lite menneske 10) Love is running Low 11) I Can't Let Someone Else Inside 12) Small steps 13) Wake Up Call (Ruben Nyborg Remix) 14) Come On 15) From Now On 16) Have Another Start 17) Kom igjen 18) When I Feel This Way 19) Off My Mind 20) Wake Up Call - Ruben Nyborg Radio Edit 21) Give It A Year 22) Langsomt 23) Når eg mangle deg 24) Stå i ro 25) Stå i ro - Akustisk versjon 26) Bli Med Meg Hjem (feat. Byz) 27) Vampyrane (Club edit) 28) Aldri for seint 29) Bli med meg hjem (Classi Remix) 30) Kom igjen (Maye Remix) 31) Wake Up Call (Ruben Nyborg Radio Edit) 32) Vampyrane - Club Edit 33) Paralyzed - PK Eksklusivt 34) Give It a Year (FLATDISK Remix) 35) I Can't Let Someone Else Insid 36) Et lite menneske (feat. Sirius) 37) Tommy Fredvang - Make it better 38) Kom igjen (Classi Remix) 39) A Moment Of Clarity (Ruben Nyborg Remix) 40) Come On (Feat. Remus) 41) The Man Who Can't Be Moved 42) Vampyrane (Club edit) 43) Stå i ro 44) Man In The Mirror 45) Make It Better (Official Track) 46) As Long As You Love Me (Cover) 47) Bli med meg 48) Tommy Fredvang - Make it bette 49) Wonderwall 50) Against All Odds

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