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Thy Will Be Done

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Thy Will Be Done

Thy Will Be Done is an American Heavy Metal band from Providence, RI. The band released their newest 6 song EP entitled "Temple" on September 25th, 2012. Known for their DIY approach, the EP was produced and engineered by THY WILL BE DONE, mixed by acclaimed metal producer ZEUSS (Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, Soulfly) at Planet Z and is the inaugural release on the band's own Eye.On Lion Recordings with INgrooves Fontana handling world-wide distribution.

Artist Tags For Thy Will Be Done

1) Metalcore 2) Groove Metal 3) Seen Live 4) Metal 5) Thrash Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Thy Will Be Done

1) Earth's Final Embrace 2) Voice Divides 3) Cast The Crown 4) Preserving The Sacred 5) Bloodwitness 6) Selfless Portrait 7) Reveal Resolution 8) In The Name Of... 9) Threshold Of The Spirit 10) Was And Is, And Is To Come 11) Mourning Without the Sun 12) And Fire Will Fall 13) New World Idolatry 14) A Solemn Oath 15) Unto The Sanctified 16) Ex Morte Vita 17) Eyes For the Blind 18) Subversion of the Sleep 19) Machineries of Debt (Rebel or Regret) 20) Until the Ancient of Days 21) You, The Apathy Divine 22) The Great Rebuilding 23) In the Ways of the Old 24) Liturgy (Jachim) 25) Epiphany (Boaz) 26) A Lion A Lamb 27) Becoming the Way 28) In The Name Of... ( ) 29) Becoming the Way (Bonus Track) 30) A Lion and a Lamb 31) You The Apathy Divine 32) 07 Becoming The Way 33) You, The Apathy Divine (New!) 34) Bridged By Chaos 35) 10 10 10 Until The Ancient Of Days 36) The Great Rebuilding (New!) 37) In The Name Of... (Demo) 38) 10 Until The Ancient Of Days 39) Ex Morta Vita 40) Machineries Of Debt (Rebel Or 41) 07 Machineries Of Debt (Rebel Or Regret) 42) Solemn Oath 43) Blood Witness 44) In The Ways Of Old 45) 01 Unto The Sactified 46) 08 A Solemn Oath 47) Machineries of Debt 48) Breath Of Light 49) Halo 50) Was and is and is to come

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