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Thee Shams

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Thee Shams

Thee Shams was a garage rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio, consisting of Zachary Gabbard, Andrew Gabbard, Joey Sebaali, Max Bender, and Keith Fox. They were signed to Mississippi's Fat Possum Records and also released records on Shake It Records and several other small labels. Many of Thee Sham's recordings were engineered by John Curley (of Afghan Whigs fame) at Ultrasuede Studios. The band played a large role in Cincinnati's garage rock scene until they broke up in 2006.

Artist Tags For Thee Shams

1) Garage Rock 2) Seen Live 3) Fat Possum 4) Rock 5) Alternative Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Thee Shams

1) Release Me 2) You Want It 3) On My Mind 4) Come Down Again 5) If You Gotta Go 6) In The City 7) Love Me All The Times 8) Not Gonna Make It 9) Want You So Bad 10) She's Been Around 11) Never Did Nothing 12) Can't Fight It 13) You're So Cold 14) Please Yourself 15) No Trust Fund Blues 16) Rock n' Roll 17) Scream My Name 18) Get Out My Life Woman 19) Everflowing Tune 20) Something Happening 21) Survive 22) I Want You Back 23) Love Grows & Grows 24) Wolfman 25) How I Feel 26) Hallelujah 27) Don't Be Afraid 28) 1-2-3-4 29) Not Right Now 30) I Get High 31) Me No More 32) Walkaway 33) 1/2 Past 12 34) Under My Thumb 35) Don't Cry To Me 36) Lonely One 37) Free My Mind (Live) 38) Sleepy Hollow 39) Lonley One 40) In The City (Version) 41) Doncha Bother Me 42) free my mind 43) Rock N Roll 44) If You Gotta Go, Go Now 45) Can't stand your love 46) S.S. Nowhere 47) run my life 48) Come Down Again - The Shams 49) I'm your man 50) Dont Cry to Me

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