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The Veronicas

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Veronicas

The Veronicas is a band consisting of identical twin sisters Jessica Louise Origliasso and Lisa Marie Origliasso (born December 25, 1984 in Brisbane, Australia). Speaking with Songfacts in a 2011 interview, Jess Origliasso explained that in 2001 she and her sister moved to Los Angeles, California, United States: “We call it our temporary home. We're children of the universe, our real home is definitely Australia. We both have homes back in Australia.

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1) Pop Rock 2) Pop 3) Female Vocalists 4) Australian 5) Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Veronicas

1) Untouched 2) 4ever 3) Hook Me Up 4) Everything I'm Not 5) When It All Falls Apart 6) Take Me on the Floor 7) This Love 8) Popular 9) I Could Get Used to This 10) Revolution 11) Speechless 12) Leave Me Alone 13) Mouth Shut 14) This Is How It Feels 15) Secret 16) Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were) 17) I Can't Stay Away 18) Nobody Wins 19) Heavily Broken 20) In Another Life 21) Someone Wake Me Up 22) All I Have 23) I Don't Wanna Wait 24) Mother Mother 25) On Your Side 26) You Ruin Me 27) In My Blood 28) Goodbye to You 29) If You Love Someone 30) Lolita 31) Cruel 32) Did You Miss Me (I'm a Veronica) 33) Sanctified 34) Cold 35) Teenage Millionaire 36) Line of Fire 37) Change the World 38) Think Of Me 39) Insomnia 40) Did Ya Think 41) Everything 42) Born Bob Dylan 43) Untouched - Unplugged 44) Mad Love 45) More Like Me 46) Heavily Broken (Live) 47) How Long 48) Always 49) Let Me Out 50) The Only High

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The Veronicas