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The Searchers

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Searchers

Originally founded as a skiffle group in Liverpool in 1959 by John McNally and Mike Pender (Mike Prendergast), the band took their name from the classic 1956 John Wayne western The Searchers. Prendergast claims that the name was his idea, but McNally ascribes it to 'Big Ron' Woodbridge, their first lead singer. The issue remains unresolved. The band grew out of an earlier skiffle group formed by McNally, with his friends Brian Dolan (guitar) and Tony West (bass).

Artist Tags For The Searchers

1) 60s 2) Classic Rock 3) Oldies 4) British 5) Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Searchers

1) Needles and Pins 2) Sweets For My Sweet 3) Sugar and Spice 4) Don't Throw Your Love Away 5) When You Walk In the Room 6) Love Potion No. 9 7) Needles & Pins 8) Needles and Pins - Mono 9) Take It or Leave It 10) Love Potion Number Nine 11) Love Potion #9 12) Someday We're Gonna Love Again 13) Goodbye My Love 14) Take Me For What I'm Worth 15) Love Potion No.9 16) What Have They Done to the Rain 17) Twist and Shout 18) Sugar & Spice 19) Bumble Bee 20) This Empty Place 21) Da Doo Ron Ron 22) He's Got No Love 23) Some Other Guy 24) Farmer John 25) Love Potion Number 9 26) Sweets for My Sweet - Stereo Version 27) It's in Her Kiss 28) Where Have All the Flowers Gone 29) Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya 30) Ain't That Just Like Me 31) Stand By Me 32) Money (That's What I Want) 33) Have You Ever Loved Somebody 34) Love Potion Number Nine - Stereo Version 35) When I Get Home 36) Saturday Night Out 37) Since You Broke My Heart 38) Hungry for Love 39) Alright 40) It's All Been a Dream 41) I Pretend I'm With You 42) All My Sorrows 43) I Count The Tears 44) Sweets for My Sweet - Stereo 45) Sea Of Heartbreak 46) When You Walk In the Room - Mono Version 47) Sho' Know a Lot About Love 48) Listen to Me 49) Where Have You Been 50) Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Frogtoon Music - 50 Top Albums For The Searchers

1) Greatest Hits 2) The Searchers: The Pye Anthology 1963 - 1967 3) Needles & Pins 4) Meet the Searchers 5) The Definitive Pye Collection 6) Needles and Pins 7) All Time Greatest Hits 8) It's The Searchers 9) The Very Best Of... 10) Super Hits Of The '60s 11) The R&B Sound 12) The Searchers: The Pye Anthology 1963-1967 13) The Searchers - Very Best Of 14) Sweets For My Sweet 15) That Was Then, This Is Now 16) Sounds Like The Searchers 17) (null) 18) Sugar And Spice 19) Rock N' Roll of the '60s 20) Good Morning Vietnam 21) The Greatest Hits Collection 22) Hearts In Their Eyes 23) Total 60s 24) The Ultimate Collection 25) Best Of The Searchers 26) The Pye Anthology 27) 100 '50s & '60s Hits 28) Forever In Love 29) The Very Best of the Searchers 30) Golden Moments 31) British Invasion Gold 32) The Very Best Of 33) The Farewell Album: The Greatest Hits & More 34) Hungry Hearts 35) Take Me for What I'm Worth 36) 100 Essential Hits - 60s 37) 1965 The Soundtrack 38) Sounds Like Searchers 39) Good Morning, Vietnam 40) the searchers 41) The Very Best Of... The Searchers 42) Good Morning Vietnam (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 43) The Very Best Of...The Searchers 44) The Farewell Album: The Greatest Hits More 45) Pop Masters: The Searchers Featuring Mike Pender 46) The British Beat: Best Of The '60s 47) Rock of Oldies 48) Good Morning Vietnam [Soundtrack] 49) The Worth It Collection 50) The Brits Are Coming! More Than 80 Songs of the Original 60's British Invasion.

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