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The Plot in You

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Plot in You

The Plot in You is an American metalcore band, formed in Hancock County, Ohio in 2010. Originally a side project of former Before Their Eyes member Landon Tewers, the group is composed of Tewers, guitarist Josh Childress, bassist Ethan Yoder and drummer Mathis Arnell. They have released one EP and three studio albums. Their EP 'Wife Beater' was released in 2010, followed by their full-length debut 'First Born' in 2011 and another full-length studio album 'Could You Watch Your Children Burn' in 2013.

Artist Tags For The Plot in You

1) Metalcore 2) Post-Hardcore 3) Hardcore 4) Deathcore 5) Melodic Metalcore

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Plot in You

1) FEEL NOTHING 2) Miscarriage 3) The Fathers Seed 4) Small Face 5) Bully 6) DISPOSABLE FIX 7) My Old Ways 8) NOT JUST BREATHING 9) Premeditated 10) RIGGED 11) Rat Poison 12) Filth 13) Neighbors 14) Take Me Away 15) Unwelcome 16) Nothing Leaves This Room 17) THE ONE YOU LOVED 18) Dear Dad 19) Fiction Religion 20) Better Vibes 21) Troll 22) Time Changes Everything 23) Digging Your Grave 24) ONE LAST TIME 25) I ALWAYS WANTED TO LEAVE 26) Let It Go 27) Hole In The Wall 28) Wife Beater 29) Shyann Weeps 30) THE SOUND 31) Population Control 32) The Devil's Contract 33) Dear Old Friend 34) Sober and Soulless 35) PAID IN FULL 36) Bible Butcher 37) Clots 38) HAPPY 39) Pillhead 40) Runaway 41) Abuser 42) Molester 43) Die Like Your Brothers 44) Glad You're Gone 45) Bleeders 46) Guts 47) Crows 48) Forgive Me 49) Mind Controlled 50) Living Your Dream

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