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The Paper Kites

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Paper Kites

The Paper Kites are an indie folk band from Melbourne, consisting of Sam Bentley (from Best Before), Christina Lacy, Dave Powys, Sam Rasmussen and Josh Bentley. Their mellow music and beautiful harmonies aim to put a smile on your face and some love in your heart! Check them on myspace;

Artist Tags For The Paper Kites

1) Folk 2) Indie 3) Australian 4) Indie Folk 5) Acoustic

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Paper Kites

1) Bloom - Bonus Track 2) Paint 3) Featherstone 4) Bloom 5) Willow Tree March 6) Woodland 7) Electric Indigo 8) Halcyon 9) Bloom (Online Bonus Track) 10) St. Clarity 11) Young 12) Arms 13) The Mortal Boy King 14) Malleable Beings 15) Bloom (Bonus Track) 16) A Maker of My Time 17) Tenenbaum 18) Tin Lover 19) Revelator Eyes 20) On the Train Ride Home 21) Leopold Street 22) Living Colour 23) Never Heard a Sound 24) Gates 25) A Lesson From Mr. Gray 26) Kiss the Grass 27) Cold Kind Hand 28) Holes 29) In Reverie 30) Portrait 19 31) I Done You so Wrong 32) When Our Legs Grew Tall 33) Sink In 34) Renegade 35) Too Late 36) Turns Within Me, Turns Without Me 37) A Silent Cause 38) Bleed Confusion 39) Deep Burn Blue 40) Neon Crimson 41) I'm Lying To You Cause I'm Lost 42) Woke Up From A Dream 43) Give Me Your Fire, Give Me Your Rain 44) Nothing More Than That 45) Standing in the Rain 46) Breathing Fighting Love 47) When It Hurts You 48) Featherstone (Kool & Kabul Remix) | Free Download 49) It's Not Like You 50) St. Clarity - Mahogany Sessions

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