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The Agony Scene

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For The Agony Scene

The Agony Scene is a melodic metalcore band from Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was active from 2000-2008 and reunited in 2013. The band has released four albums, all on different labels. Their first self titled album was released on Solid State Records, their second, The Darkest Red, was released on Roadrunner Records. Their third album, Get Damned, was released on Century Media in July 2007. Their fourth album, Tormentor, was released in July 2018 through Outerloop Records.

Artist Tags For The Agony Scene

1) Metalcore 2) Hardcore 3) Metal 4) Melodic Death Metal 5) Death Metal

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For The Agony Scene

1) We Bury Our Dead at Dawn 2) Barnburner 3) Paint it Black 4) Scars of Your Disease 5) Prey 6) Scapegoat 7) Habeas Corpus 8) Shotgun Wedding 9) Eyes Sewn Shut 10) Judas 11) Screams Turn to Silence 12) Lines of Suicide 13) Predation 14) The Damned 15) My Dark Desire 16) Procession 17) The Darkest Red 18) Old Scratch 19) Sacrifice 20) Rapture 21) Adversary 22) Nausea 23) Vivid 24) Suffer 25) Forever Abandoned 26) Deliverance 27) White Nights 28) Rattle Me Bones 29) Will To Bleed 30) Prelude 31) The Opposition 32) dances with devils 33) Darkest Red 34) The Submissive 35) Paint It Black (Agony Scene) - The Agony Scene Album Version 36) Prelude (Revised Gain) 37) Hand of the Divine 38) Prey (Album Version) 39) The Darkest Red (Album Version) 40) Scapegoat (Album Version) 41) Screams Turn To Silence (Album Version) 42) Forever Abandoned (Album Version) 43) We Bury Our Dead At Dawn - The Agony Scene Album Version 44) My Dark Desire (Album Version) 45) As I Bleed 46) Procession (Album Version) 47) Sacrifice (Album Version) 48) Prelude (Album Version) 49) Paint It Black (Agony Scene) (The Agony Scene Album Version) 50) Suffer (With Hidden Track) (Album Version)

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