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Super Orquesta Qua-Si

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Super Orquesta Qua-Si

With a certain yo no se, the man, the artist, the talent known to many as Ramphys Tromp, (or simply... Ramphys) has never failed to prevail. With his unique voice and look combined with his distinctive sound, he has been able to record, perform, and entertain from Aruba to New York and every major stop in between. No stranger to performance he began at the age of thirteen (13) singing in the choir at church. With his talent and love for music at the age of sixteen (16) he formed a group of young men (all under 18) called The Innocent Guys.

Artist Tags For Super Orquesta Qua-Si

1) Merengue 2) Salsa 3) Soca

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Super Orquesta Qua-Si

1) Solido Riba Pia 2) Zwaaije / Draaije 3) Ñjaki Ñjak 4) Hop 5) Nos No Por Sigi Mas 6) Semper Den Mi Mente 7) Ko'i Loko Loko 8) Complacemi K'un Sunchi 9) Round & Round 10) Cambio (D.R.) 11) Enamorao 12) Labele Bon 13) Cepillar El Cuco 14) Macho Criollo

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