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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Stats

There are multiple artists with the name Stats 1) Stats are a minimal rock band. Stats are you on the internet and Stats are also work. Stats can't dance and Stats don't take drugs. Stats have big plans tomorrow. 2) - Formerly Stay Fucked. Tony Gedrich - bass/noise Joe Petrucelli - guitar Hank Shteamer - drums 3) A Norwegian indie band, who changed their name to Shiks Appeal late 2014.

Artist Tags For Stats

1) Seen Live 2) Math Rock 3) Noise Rock 4) UK 5) Norwegian

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Stats

1) Lose It 2) The Family Business 3) RHYTHM OF THE HEART 4) Raft 5) I AM AN ANIMAL 6) There Is A Story I Tell About My Life 7) Other People's Lives 8) A Change of Scenery 9) From A High Sky 10) A Man Who Makes the Weather 11) Never Loved Anyone 12) Where is the money 13) 2 Minds 14) Lose It (Lost It La Roux Mix) 15) Lose It (Warm Digits Remix) 16) You Have to Say So 17) D'you Wanna Eat 18) Lose It - Lost It La Roux Mix 19) Do It On The Weekend 20) Guthy Renker 21) Bring Me the Stats 22) From Before 23) Wareheim 24) Private Party 25) Own It 26) Yo King 27) Rhythm of the Heart - Private Agenda Remix 28) King of the Ring Road 29) Sadcap 30) Golden Age 31) Crowds Press 32) Never Loved Anyone (Void Complet Remix) 33) Lose It (Ghost Culture Remix) 34) human butt 35) Me & Your Mother 36) Near Mrs. 37) Sometimes I Feel So Thin 38) No One Knows Anything Really 39) NTD 40) I Am An Animal (Femme Remix) 41) Progress 42) Lose It (Panandrs 747 Remix) 43) Lose It (Mondrian Remix) 44) You have to say so (with Elly Jackson) 45) The Freeze, The Fritz 46) Rhythm Of The Heart (Private Agenda Remix) 47) Dinner Alone 48) Line of Prime 49) Rhythm of the Heart (feat. Ed Seed, Nicole Robson, John Barrett, Duncan Brown, Stu Barter & Iso Wal 50) Gunthy Renker

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