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Sonika says, "I'm in a space I didn't expect to be and I'm enjoying the ride." Speaking to Sonika and hearing her story epitomizes that old adage "Life is a journey, not a destination". She's warm, she's bubbly and she's totally focused, but it wasn't always like that. Talking with her, it is very clear, that this young, talented and beautiful individual has had to deal with many challenges, to get to where she is today. Some of those memories may have been a while back, but when you talk with her, it's very clear that they take her to an emotive and sometimes painful place, all of which make her accomplishments even more astonishing. So, how did she move on from—in her own words—"the girl that was constantly teased, feeling directionless and without a jot of confidence" to being a Caribbean R&B/Pop diva, whose career is about to take off. Well, her simple but humble story is one of hope for all, particularly young Caribbean women. It's the story of a young girl, her Sony Walkman and Mariah Carey, who, when they were together, transcended her into a world where nothing mattered - just beautiful words, melodic music and her imagination. Sonika would play those tracks over and over until they were inseparable, till Mariah's songs became Sonika's. Yet, none of this was because she had visions of being the next singing sensation, far from it. It was pure escapism, a place where she wasn't teased, a place where she could be whoever, she wanted to be. But that was about to change. In 2003, Grenada had a Talent Search Contest. Sonika wasn’t even going to participate, until one of her friends encouraged her to come with her and audition for entrance into the competition. Sonika agreed to and her journey began, as she ended up winning the whole thing! That win—and the public’s adoration of her talent—had a positive effect of Sonika’s self image. She grew in confidence, and—even more importantly—was able to find her true identity, in something that felt so natural to her. There's another wonderful old adage that comes to mind when hearing Sonika's story and that is "The cream always rises to the top". That newfound confidence had to find a home, a place where this natural talent could be nurtured, protected and grown. That place was Metronome Records and under the watchful eye of its General Manager, Nima Anvar, Sonika has grown from strength to strength. Anvar, recognizing her potential from first sight, has built a dedicated team around her who are committed to the cause. Sonika, talks fondly about all them and you see that they interact like a loving family. This is so refreshing to see, in an industry where ego often rules. What they've built at Metronome Records is special and you feel that energy when you're in that space. For Sonika, it's simple, it gives her a foundation from which to develop her craft and refine her output for her growing fan base. Her debut single "Gone Away", reached the coveted No.1 and spot on TEMPO, the Caribbean's premier music chart and remained at #1 for an amazing eight weeks. Her impressive second single, "Please Don't Let it Go", became akin to a national anthem, during the London 2012 Olympic Games, culminating in a live performance at the packed Grenada National Stadium, in St. George's, Grenada. This added another string to her bow, performing live to large audiences. What's even more remarkable about this is that Sonika is a homegrown Caribbean artist, who is writing and singing her own R&B/Pop songs. Well, as you can see by this brief insight into Sonika Mckie, she has come along way, but she knows that, really, as her journey in one realm ends another begins. For those guiding her on her journey, it has been a pleasure to experience a small portion of the ride. Sonika is a genuine, humble individual who exudes happiness about where she was and where she is going, yet, she remains grounded, as she remembers that it wasn't always like that. Her story is one of hope, passion and belief. It's what happens when natural talent, meets up with the right people and a vision is not only shared but also realized. For all young people out there, there is a big message that comes through loud and clear from Sonika's story so far and that is "Escape to who you really are as often as you can, because with belief and passion you will one day become it".

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