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Songs: Ohia

Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Songs: Ohia

Songs: Ohia was largely a solo project for singer-songwriter Jason Molina (December 30, 1973 – March 16, 2013). Critics and fans alike have found considerable difficulty in trying to define the band's sound, usually settling on more general labels such as indie rock and folk-rock. Most are quick to draw comparisons to Neil Young and Will Oldham, (the latter of which Molina has collaborated with, alongside Alasdair Roberts, as the Amalgamated Sons of Rest).

Artist Tags For Songs: Ohia

1) Singer-Songwriter 2) Folk 3) Indie 4) Alt-Country 5) Indie Rock

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Songs: Ohia

1) Farewell Transmission 2) Just Be Simple 3) I've Been Riding With the Ghost 4) Lioness 5) Almost Was Good Enough 6) Hold on Magnolia 7) The Old Black Hen 8) Tigress 9) Coxcomb Red 10) John Henry Split My Heart 11) Peoria Lunch Box Blues 12) The Black Crow 13) Captain Badass 14) Being in Love 15) Didn't It Rain 16) Nervous Bride 17) Two Blue Lights 18) Steve Albini's Blues 19) Back on Top 20) Just a Spark 21) Ring the Bell 22) Baby Take a Look 23) Love & Work 24) Blue Factory Flame 25) Blue Chicago Moon 26) Cross the Road, Molina 27) Hot Black Silk 28) Big Sewell Mt. 29) Easts Last Heart 30) Lightning Risked It All 31) The Body Burned Away 32) How to Be Perfect Men 33) No Limit on the Words 34) Love Leaves Its Abusers 35) Cabwaylingo 36) Come Back to Your Man 37) Untitled 38) Redhead 39) Ghost Tropic 40) Translation 41) Champion 42) Goodnight Lover 43) The Ocean's Nerves 44) Greenbrier 45) Easts Heart Divided 46) Soul 47) Not Just a Ghost's Heart 48) Crab Orchard 49) Blue Jay 50) Gauley Bridge

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