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There are various bands with the name Solanum: 1. Solanum is dungeon synth from Germany, a side project of B. Schmidt of Depressive Silence. He released two demo tapes: 1998 - "Spheres of Time" 1999 - "Spectral Poetry" 2. Solanum is a metal band from Northern New Jersey, made up of ex-members from Doctor Crocodile and Silhouette of a Soldier. The band formed in early 2009 and in July recorded an EP, which, after some delays, was released in spring 2010 via their myspace. After being relatively inactive due to members' academic obligations, the band plans to promote their new material this summer by relentlessly playing live shows all over the Northeast. 3. Solanum is a thrash metal / crossover band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They have current and/or former members of Besieged.

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