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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Smog

There are at least two artist named Smog: 1. Bill Callahan, born in Silver Spring, Maryland. Callahan followed the lo-fi genre of underground rock, with homemade tape-albums recorded on four track tape recorders. Later he signed a record contract with the label Drag City. Callahan started out as a highly experimental artist, utilizing sub-standard instruments and recording equipment. His reason for using the lo-fi approach was not so much an aesthetic choice

Artist Tags For Smog

1) Singer-Songwriter 2) Lo-Fi 3) Indie 4) Folk 5) Alt-Country

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Smog

1) Cold Blooded Old Times 2) Rock Bottom Riser 3) I Feel Like the Mother of the World 4) Palimpsest 5) Teenage Spaceship 6) Say Valley Maker 7) The Well 8) Drinking at the Dam 9) Held 10) Let's Move to the Country 11) I Was a Stranger 12) In the Pines 13) Blood Red Bird 14) Dress Sexy at My Funeral 15) River Guard 16) The Morning Paper 17) Hit the Ground Running 18) I'm New Here 19) No Dancing 20) Running the Loping 21) Let Me See the Colts 22) To Be of Use 23) Red Apples 24) I Could Drive Forever 25) Sweet Treat 26) Bathysphere 27) Ex-Con 28) Left Only With Love 29) Red Apple Falls 30) Our Anniversary 31) Inspirational 32) Finer Days 33) Strayed 34) Easily Led 35) You Moved In 36) Cold Discovery 37) Vessel in Vain 38) Wild Love 39) Feather by Feather 40) Justice Aversion 41) Somewhere in the Night 42) All Your Women Things 43) Spread Your Bloody Wings 44) Lize 45) Bathroom Floor 46) Bloodflow 47) The Hard Road 48) It's Rough 49) Sweet Smog Children 50) Limited Capacity

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