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Frogtoon Music - Artist Biography For Smack

At least two groups and one solo artist have gone by this name. ** A finnish garage rock / glam punk band in the 80's, influenced by such groups as The Stooges, The Doors and MC5. They were also semiknown in America, where for example Guns N’ Roses praised their music and attitude. The band released 5 albums between '84-'88. Nirvana covered Smack's song "Run Rabbit Run" at some performances in 1988. Vocalist Claude died in the mid-90's but the legend lives forever.

Artist Tags For Smack

1) Grime 2) Finnish 3) Post-Punk 4) Hard Rock 5) 80s

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Smack

1) Paint It Black 2) Good Morning Headache 3) Run Rabbit Run 4) Mediocridade Afinal 5) Criminal 6) Through The Glass 7) Completely Alone 8) For a Daqui 9) Ten Foot Cell 10) Somewhere Out Of The Day 11) Skin Alley 12) Rattlesnake Bite 13) Some Fun 14) Roses Have Faded 15) Stepping Stone 16) Pass That Bottle 17) Cemetary Walls 18) Fora daqui 19) Selecta 20) Criminal (single version) 21) Blank 22) Oh Lord 23) No Peace On Earth 24) Primitive 25) Little Cunt 26) I wanna be your dog (live) 27) P`s A Love 28) Nearby The Hanging Tree 29) Look Around 30) Walkin' On The Wire 31) Rocky 32) Weird Is The Sea 33) Black Bird 34) Shade Of The Blade 35) Immortal 36) Králové 37) (I Think I'm Gonna) Buy This Town 38) On The Run 39) Like This (feat. AMY MIYÚ) - Carta Edit 40) Rave revoluce 41) Hot jak kurva 42) Oheň 43) Dal Sem Spliff 44) Little Sister 45) Hellhounds On My Tail 46) Shutdown 47) Pop 48) V Hajzlu 2 (feat. Marat, Orion & Hugo Toxxx) 49) Search And Destroy (Live) 50) Moonshine Chile

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